IBD and the Gut-Brain Connection

Hello there,

it feels good to be checking proofs for my upcoming book for patients living with Crohn’s or colitis. To tell the truth, this book has been the easiest (it took just 3 months) and, at the same time, most challenging to write of all my works. Being a scientist, I always write about other people and thus I am a newbie in writing about myself. Combining my perspectives of a health professional and scientist with that of a regular human being living with a chronic illness felt at times weird. Do I reveal too much or too little? I guess I will know very soon. The book will be published in the coming months by wonderful Hammersmith Books who have patiently guided me through the process of becoming a popular science author. Now, the counting starts till the time when the book lands on a shelf in my bookshop. Can’t wait!

proofs  cover

Author: amikocka

Psychologist, health scientist, and writer

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