Launching my site

I must be the very last of my group of writing friends who is launching her website. While I write science papers in my day job, this kind of technical writing does not feel intimate, and I don’t think twice about sharing it with whoever is interested in my area of expertise. Health scientists need to communicate with the public, other scientists, doctors, and policymakers on what we’ve learnt in our research so that the healthcare can be improved and people have access to safer and more effective treatments. So, science writing is the domain where I feel comfortable.

Creative writing, on the other hand, and particularly creative writing in English which is my second language, is something I’ve done largely in private. I had not thought of showing any of my work to the world until I moved to York, in the north of England, in early 2013, and joined York Writers. I was an active member of this fantastic writers’ community till late 2016 when I returned to Australia.

Joining York Writers was an experiment in overcoming my own self-doubt. English has always been my favourite foreign language. I have studied French, Russian, and German at different points in my life – I find languages fascinating and wish I had more time to progress with this hobby, but it is English which has become my second language thanks to the decision to move to Australia to do my PhD. And, English is the lingua franca of science. But can one master the second language to the point of being taken for a native speaker? I’ve always wondered about it. I know my accent will forever be noticeable in speech but will I ever write as well in English as I do in Polish? That’s an ongoing experiment on which I will update you from time to time using this website.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve hesitated about whether to have a private website at all. The following thoughts ran through my head. Will I have anything to share with you? Is what I do important at all? And, who cares about this Polish girl who wants to master English? But then my book for people living with inflammatory bowel disease was bought by Hammersmith Books, a UK publisher, and I thought perhaps that’s a good enough reason to share what I do with the world. After all, a good publishing company believed in me.

This website is dedicated to my love of writing, for science, popular-science, and as a creative pursuit. I will share what I do with you and I very much look forward to hearing your thoughts on my work. Stay tuned!


Author: amikocka

Psychologist, health scientist, and writer

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